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3 Types of Underpinning Methods For a Strong Foundation

Our homes are our permanent shelters and comfort zones where we can spend our life peacefully. The structural integrity and overall alignment of our homes are directly dependent on the strength of the house foundations. If the foundation of a house is not strong or stable, it can result in structural problems and can even lead to mishappenings and accident. To avoid the compromise of a structure one must go for a simple house foundation repair or underpinning the house.

The strength and stability of the house foundation also depends on the type and nature of soil beneath. Any change in the nature and characteristics of soil beneath will affect the house foundation in many ways. You can look out for signs and indications that your house foundation has suffered damage. Leaning of the house structure on one side, uneven floors or even the presence of water pools around the house signals problems with the stability of the house foundations. So it is very recommended going for a professional way to fix the house foundation repair by underpinning the house. Professional underpinning services can offer many types of underpinning methods depending upon the nature of the soil beneath. In this article, we will shed some light on 3 types of Underpinning methods for a strong foundation.

Underpinning The House

Underpinning The House

3 Methods Of Underpinning :


  • Depth and Breadth Method


Depth and breadth method as the name suggests is used to spread the weight of the structure uniformly along the depth and breadth of the foundations. This method is most commonly used for underpinning a house that leans on one side because of loosening of the soil beneath. Although the building still rests on the loosened soil, the weight of the structure is simply redistributed over a large surface area releasing the pressure from the loosened soil. The process of underpinning by depth and breadth method is very time consuming and costly but it’s considered one of the best and stable form of underpinning providing the safest results for a long time.

  • Mass Concrete Method

Mass Concrete method is one of the oldest and traditional type of underpinning method dating back a hundred years and still used in the modern world. The process of the mass concrete method is still done in the same way as it was done a hundred years ago. This method involves digging a box-shaped void under the present house foundation and filling the voids with solid concrete. The voids are placed beneath the weak and unstable foundation providing a strong foundation to the original foundation. Mass concrete method is cheap and practical method to underpin a house without evacuating the place and utilizing heavy machinery.

  • Mini-Piled Method

Mini Piled method is mostly used when the ground condition is variable and access to the present house foundation is very limited. This method is carried out by distributing the weight of a structure to deep down the foundations. Strengthening is done when the foundation is relieved of the pressure and that pressure is transferred to a stable depth of up to 5 meters beneath the house foundation.

House Foundation Repair

House Foundation Repair

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