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Our Services


At Underpinning Melbourne Group we are proud to provide complete package for underpinning services for residential and commercial properties. From underpinning, restumping, deck construction, verandah construction, salt damp removal, replacement of floors, repairing of floors, installation and repairing of subfloors, cracked wall repairing, re-leveling, sinking floor services, to complete home renovations – we do it all!


We take it upon ourselves to make the foundation of your building stronger. We prop up the sinking/cracked slabs and use concrete to achieve brick alignment. If you see any cracks, any misalignment in windows/doors, cracks in plasterwork, or jammed windows then you need underpinning solutions.


For restumping we replace the cracked stumps with new ones. This may lead to a few cracks here and there in walls or floors but don’t worry we can take care of that too.

Cracked Wall Repairs

Have cracks in your walls? Call our services and get it fixed at an affordable price.

Deck Construction

We have a plethora of choices to create a wonderful deck/verandah for your home. Outdoor entertainment can become more voguish, stylish, and entertaining with our budget range of deck/verandah construction services.

Subfloor Installation & Repair

Our experts also perform subfloor installation and repairing. We can take care of any kind of tile or floor damage with excellence. Processed woods are nailed to the joists to achieve perfection in this task.

Salt Damp Removal

When any kind of damage in a building is caused due to moisture and salt then it is known as salt damp. Gassy plaster, odour, bubbly paint, and failing mortar are some symptoms of salt damp. We remove the damp manually with our undersetting process. And afterwards plastic dampcourse is used to create a water proof barrier to avoid further salt damp. We use this dampcourse as the foundation to create the wall of the building.


Re-leveling takes care of cracks, loose floors, jammed doors, and uneven floors. We just push required areas with hydraulic jacks and use plastic packing system to support these areas to bring the floor to a new level.

Sinking Floor Solutions

Bad construction or excess moisture can lead to sinking floors. But with Underpinning Melbourne Group you can find the finest and safest solutions for the same. We can take care of joists rotting and sagging beams too.

Home Renovations

Planning beautiful renovations for your home? They don’t have to make a hole in your pocket with Underpinning Melbourne Group available for your service. We can renovate any property as per your budget and style. 

Floor Replacement & Repair

Floor repairing or replacement is another of our services available at affordable prices. We have latest tools and advanced flooring techniques for the same. Floor stain removal and floor recoating can also be done by our professionals.

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