Everything About Basement Underpinning

Basement underpinning is one of the most economical ways to renovate your house and add more living space to it. These days highly advanced basement underpinning methods are used and they allow the homeowners to stay in the house while the work is still in progress. And this poses no damage to the floors either. By causing minimal disruption to the daily routine and by being cost-effective, basement underpinning has become a desirable option for many.

Basement underpinning provides that extra space that you have always dreamt of. It gives you the freedom to have your own space without making major changes to the house and without spending a fortune. Whether you need a game room or a place for your in-laws, basement underpinning can offer you that at a minimal cost. Also, you can even make money by converting your basement into a legal apartment and for that basement, underpinning is the first step.

What is Basement Underpinning?
Underpinning is a technical term used to refer to the process of reinforcing the existing foundation of a house. There could be various reasons why the foundations need to be reinforced. A house could be poorly constructed, a house’s foundation may have degraded over time, the foundation may have become prone to land-slippage, or the foundation needs to bear extra weight. Underpinning is also used to lower the floors of a house’s basement when a homeowner is looking to make some living space in the basement. This is known as basement underpinning.

When a full height basement is needed, basement underpinning is performed. You cannot just opt for excavating out the floor because this could disturb the disbalance of the foundations. Therefore, it is imperative to build a new foundation known as basement underpinning. This strengthens the foundations while adding more space to the basement.

A professional underpinner will dig in a series of holes underneath the existing foundation of the house. These will be filled in sequence to increase the strength. The footing will be lowered while taking care of the structural soundness of the walls. If you are planning more renovation work then you can ask the soil left on the foundation’s inside to be dug out. The whole process of underpinning is a time-consuming task and should be done with utmost precision. Therefore it is crucial to choose only the best of engineers to undertake your basement underpinning project.

You will have to find an underpinning company that can accomplish the following basic steps of basement underpinning at an affordable cost with warranty:

To get access to the underground, remove some sections of the present foundation and replace it with load-bearing joists.
Dig out alternate strips as per the needed depth and pour shuttered reinforced concrete under the uncovered sections of the foundation.
Create the proper balance of the basement underpinning once the new foundations have been completely cured.
Once the stability has been achieved, lay a new floor and build the interior for the extended space.
Basement Underpinning Adds Value to the House
A new basement means more space in your house and houses are valued based on the covered area (living space). Therefore, an extended basement is the sure-shot way to increase the value of your house by up to 10%. Basement extensions are popular as they are less hassle, do not affect the neighbours, extend homes, retain the original footprints, and increase the house’s market value. And for any basement extension, basement underpinning plays a key role.

Get Insurance for Yourself
Before you opt for basement underpinning or any kind of serious renovation for your house, it is must to take out extra insurance. However, you need to keep in mind that no insurer will compensate for the loss caused by an inexperienced builder. So it is highly suggested to choose only experienced, qualified, and certified underpinning company that can do justice to the work; a company that has the proper license and is insured with Public Liability Cover.

Benefits of Basement Underpinning
Here are the major benefits of basement underpinning:

Better Structural integrity –
It provides better structural integrity to your property. It provides safety and security to your family and your possessions.

More Functional Basement –
You can do a lot more with extended basements as it won’t remain just a basement anymore. It provides extended living space.

Improved Ceiling Height –
Basement underpinning leads to more headroom in the basement.

Access to Utilities –
With more space in the basement, it becomes easier to access plumbing pipes, electrical lines, or any of the mechanics of your house. You can inspect them and get them repaired/updated in time thereby saving a lot of money.

Basement Underpinning Melbourne
Basement Underpinning Melbourne

Enhanced Property Value –
Underpinned basement and that too a finished one will bag more money when you list your house for sale.

Solution to Moisture Problems –
Basement underpinning also addresses various moisture problems of the basement. These could be mustiness, mould, efflorescence, or decay. These are some of the signs of water damage in the basement and they not just make the foundations weak but are also hazardous for the health of the homeowners.

Uncover Leaks –
Once you get started the basement Underpinning process, any basement leakages will be visible even before they appear. You can get waterproofing done before the decay happens and keep your basement dry.

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