How to Know if a House Needs Restumping

Home is where you feel secure. Home is where you spend the most peaceful time and happiest moments of your life. Home is where your loved ones are. When home plays such an important role in your life then it is of utmost importance to keep it safe and secure. Apart from being beautiful, cozy, comfortable, functional, and inviting it is also essential that your home should be strong enough to stand tall in the face of natural forces. And the strength of any house is directly proportional to the strength of its foundation.

Nature is the most powerful force in this world and when it plans otherwise, it can create problems for buildings. Therefore, to protect buildings from severe natural forces constructions are done keeping in mind the weather and climatic conditions of a particular area. A variety of techniques are used to protect a building from any unexpected natural disaster. Builders use numerous ways to secure a building.

In Australia, stumps are used as foundation/base to make houses. These stumps could be made of concrete, steel, or wood. Timber is the most common and affordable type of stump used in Australian houses and its life varies from 20 to 50 years. You should inspect these stumps on regular basis to ensure the safety of your house. Ignorance can lead to severe damage to the house as well as your loved ones.

By hiring professionals, on time, for foundation repair services like restumping, reblocking, or underpinning you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

Here we share certain suggestive signs that the stumps of your house need repairing or replacement:

One of the most common telltale signs of foundation issues is cracks in brickwork or cracks in the plaster. On further probing the problem, you may also find decay of specific areas under the house. If you come across any such problem then immediately hire professional experts to assess your house and provide a complete report.

If any of the doors are not shutting properly then there is some issue with the stumps. Even if you notice a creaking sound while using the doors then don’t ignore it. These could be because of some kind of moisture damage. Such kind of instability clearly indicates that you need to replace the stumps.

Natural calamities like flooding or excessive rain can cause moisture in the foundation areas of your house. If you are aware of any of such events that could lead to increased moisture around your house’s stumps then it is crucial to have a closer look. You will have to look at the underside of the house to find the problem. Termites find it tempting to make moist wood their abode and once they do, be sure they will eat up everything and leave your foundations hollow. So if you find moisture damage then instantly get your house inspected for foundation repairs.

Uneven Floors
Uneven floors or sloping in the house are two signs that say that the wooden stumps of your house are rotting. You may not be able to realize the unevenness of the floor with naked eyes. There is an easy way to find out whether the floors are even or not. Just roll a marble or a rolling pin and you will be able to figure it out. Check your floors regularly to be able to catch the problem as soon as possible.

Bents in Stumps
Do you notice any bents in your house stumps? Well it is time to call professional restumping experts to thoroughly check your house and see if the stumps need to be replaced.

If you notice any of the above mentioned in your house then it is best to get in touch with Underpinning professionals. They have the means to carry out all kinds of foundation repair services including restumping, reblocking, and underpinning. Heavy jacks are used to perform such services that can take the load of the house while the stumps are replaced.

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