What is reblocking? and why do you need it?
People are often confused between the three terms- restumping, underpinning and reblocking Melbourne. The most common thing amongst all is that they are all related to reestablishing the base of your house in order to nullify the risk of damage to its structure. While underpinning is a more complex process, restumping or reblocking Melbourne are somewhat the same. Reblocking is basically restoring the structure of your house by replacing the stumps which can either be made out of wood, concrete or resin. There are many factors which can deteriorate or damage your property’s stumps such as soil conditions, hail, water, gravity and natural disasters such as earthquakes. Hence, a proper strategy is necessary to restore the stumps of your house to an original state. This is where reblocking Melbourne is mostly useful.

Reblocking Cost-
Reblocking cost usually varies from building to building. Visit our contact us page to post your query, and our team will get in touch with you shortly with all your answers. Prices vary depending upon a number of factors such as –

The size and dimensions of your property.
How old your stumps or blocks are? This will definitely impact the final price.
The condition of soil.
Number and location of access points.
Why do you need house reblocking-
A strong foundation is necessary to keep the house strong for years to come. Moreover, it provides safe structural support to the house. While a strong foundation is useful, it might incur wear and tear with time. The factors contributing towards the same are weather conditions, soil conditions and dimensions of the house. Replacement or repair of stumps hence becomes necessary in case of any cracks which you might see.

The safety of the home is at risk when the stumps are in poor condition. Moreover, it can also lead to structural instability which is dangerous for the family as well. With the help of Reblocking services, Melbourne the foundation can be restored in an effective manner. Our contractors are experts in fixing all types of issues such as deterioration, rotting or cracking of the foundation. Be it repair or replacement of stumps, our Underpinning Melbourne Group reblockers are there to help you out.


Reblocking Melbourne

When is the need to Reblock?

Most of the homeowners in Melbourne have a tendency to ignore the foundational issues of home. It is only when a disaster strikes in that they become more conscious. Prevention is always better than being sorry however. While any damage to walls or roof is clearly noticeable, such is not the case with stumps. Moreover, the stumps are usually not visible and lie far below the house. There are certain signs to look out for which can indicate foundation deterioration–

Slanting or uneven floors-
Since floors lie right above the foundation, they are the best indicators of its health. Moreover, the stumps are connected to the flooring. Hence, any they reflect any underlying issues which might be connected to the foundation. If you find your house, a little bit slanting while you walk on the floor, the problem might be with the foundation of your home. Similarly, if you find an uneven texture between steps, there is time to inspect your stumps.

Cracks or lines on the floor-
In case you have tile flooring in your house and you notice cracks on them, it is an indication of damaged stumps. Hence, reblocking becomes necessary and the best time to go for reblocking Melbourne service is when you are renovating the house.

Same Day Inspection
At Underpinning Melbourne we have the best team of engineers who does the inspection on same day, we try to focus on providing detailed analysis of the property. Our qualified engineers look each corner and collect evidence of sold type, water type and then prepare the report with suggestion, to book the service call on our numbers we will be delighted to serve you. You can also write to us, by filling the details in write to us column, we will reach you out shortly.

What we do?



The process of reblocking is not an easy one. It involves various steps and approvals. Our team of experts is here to help you in easing out the process. With our professional Reblocking Melbourne team, we can help you in fixing all the problems related to stumps and help in restoring the strength of your house. Here is what we do-

Brief report
Through inspection
Restumping work(which might take a few days)
Clearing up of mess
Review and reinspection.
This is what the report includes-
Our fieldworker will personally visit your property and do a thorough inspection. He will evaluate every minute detail and risks. He will prepare a report with the following things-

Potential risks and the solution
Quantity of stumps
The space between each stump
Building rules and regulations
If there is a need for removal of floorboards
The time of work completion
Relieving details of the floor
Our Reblocking Melbourne Process-

First of all, we take out all the jacks and plinth boards in and around the house. We then jack it up to support the house.
Next, we carry on the digging process in which we dig out holes until we find the plate.
Then we remove old stumps.
We check if anything needs to be repaired our replaced.
All the stumps are then hanged over the holes to beams and bearers. We then pour the concrete under the stumps.
Our experts make sure that we do everything as per the building regulations. Before pouring the concrete, we make sure however that we level the entire house. We maintain the quality of the concrete which is important for a strong foundation.
We wait for concrete to dry up completely after which we remove the jacks. We then clean the house after completing the leveling task.
We give you a guarantee of our work and leave only after giving our best.

Why choose us-

We are available 24*7 to assist you anytime.
Our experts have proper training and certifications.
We follow an efficient procedure.
Apart from fixing the issues, we also inform you about the risks.
We use the latest tools and equipment.
We charge a very nominal fee for our services.
Best quality is our guarantee.
100% customer satisfaction is our commitment.
Give us a call now to avail our services. Our geochemical engineer will come right to your place to inspect your property and the soil. Our team will then develop an action plan and take approval for stabilizing it. In case of any questions or queries, get in touch with our experts who are always there to assist you.